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The exhibition

There are lots of classics and rare items to do with Christmas that are really worth seeing. Their backgrounds are sometimes really surprising and exciting. The focus in the permanent exhibition is on objects between 1870 and 1950. For example, besides classic Christmas tree decorations and popular gift bringers you can also admire Christmas decorations from the Erzgebirge, Christmas tree stands, Christmas postcards, cardboard nativity scenes, feather and paper Christmas trees, Christmas tree lights from candles with candle holders to electric fairy lights and much more. We also do not forget Advent with Advent wreaths and Advent calendars.

Christmas tree decorations in a whole variety of forms made from glass, paper, cotton wool, pewter, tragacanth and leonic wire are almost inseparably associated with Christmas.

All about the Christmas tree

The Erzgebirge region produced very special Christmas decorations, for example the Christmas pyramids, Schwibbogen, incense smokers, light figures and festive ceiling lights.



The most popular characters in Christmas customs are the gift bringers Saint Nicholas, the Christ Child, Santa Claus and all their helpers and companions.

Gift bringers Saint Nicholas

The preparation time before Christmas is called “Advent” from the Latin “adventus” = the coming (of Christ).  Both young and old associate Advent calendars with wonderful memories. By contrast, the Advent tree is practically unheard of nowadays.

Advent wreath
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