Miner Candle Bearer

It was mainly workshops in Seiffen that created these figures to hold the Christmas candles. The typical portrayal of the miner holding candles is that of a hewer with black pit jacket and long white trousers. This is in keeping with the traditional parade costume defined for mining in Saxony since 1768. The mining symbols of hammer and chisel can be found on the green pit hat or the green and white state coat of arms introduced in 1827.

Individual figures provide more accurate information about the work of the miner portrayed. The red bib in the pit overalls’ lace neckline refers, for example, to the traditional parade costume in the Freiberg district. The mining foreman is identified by the white ruffle in the neckline and a pit hat with a plume. In contrast to the hewer he often only carries a candle in one hand and a foreman’s pickaxe in the other as a status symbol.